How To Change a Flat Tire? Full Step-By-Step Guide

Has your car ever given you a flat tire in the middle of a long drive? If so, you are not alone! We have all been there at least once in our lives. It can be a very frustrating experience on the road, especially when there’s no one around who can give you a helping hand.


Knowing how to deal with this situation is something every driver should learn. Luckily, with some basic knowledge and practice, learning how to change a flat tire is easier than it might seem. This step-by-step guide will provide essential advice for car owners looking to gain and maintain the confidence needed to succeed at this task. Let’s dive into it!

man changing flat tire on the road

1. Park Somewhere Safe And Convenient

The first step when you change a flat tire is to find a place to park your car that is safe and easy to access. This might mean pulling off the side of the road or parking in a well-lit and populated area, depending on where you are and what time it is. This will help ensure that you have access to the necessary tools and resources and a clear path to follow while working.

2. Prepare Your Car For Changing The Tire

Once you’ve found a good spot to work, it’s time to prepare your car for changing the flat tire. This includes removing any loose items from the trunk or interior of your car and any security devices that might get in your way, such as a club lock. Put on the wheel wedges and make sure you have all the tools you need nearby, such as the jack and lug wrench.

3. Loosen The Lug Nuts Of Your Flat Tire

Next, you’ll need to loosen the lug nuts on your car’s flat tire to prepare for removing the wheel. Using the lug wrench, give each nut a few turns in a counter-clockwise direction until they are fairly loose. Be sure to hold onto the wheel as you do this, as it can be quite heavy once it is free from your vehicle.

4. Jack Up Your Car And Remove The Flat Tire.

Now comes the most challenging part: removing the flat tire from your car. You can begin by placing the jack underneath your vehicle at a designated spot near the frame or under the axle. Gently lift on the jack to begin raising the car off of its wheels. Once the car is lifted high enough, use your lug wrench to remove the nuts and pull off the flat tire.

5. Replace The Flat Tire With Your Spare Tire

Now it’s time to replace your flat tire with a spare one! You can start by placing the new wheel on top of your jack and adjusting the lug nuts with your hands. Don’t use the wrench in the air since this can make the car fall off the jack. Trust us; you don’t want that. 

6. Lower The Car And Tighten Again

Finally, carefully lower your car back down, so it rests on the ground again. Then, tighten the nuts with your lug wrench until they are secure and tight. This is crucial since a loose wheel can cause accidents. You’re all done! Now you can hop back in your car and continue with your day. 

Now that you know how to change a flat tire step-by-step, you can confidently and safely tackle this task the next time your car gives you trouble on the road. Just remember to plan, stay calm, and take your time – before you know it, you’ll be back on the road in no time!


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